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First‐Generation Leadership and Innovation Vanderploeg Scholars

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About Us:

Mission: The First-Generation Leadership and Innovation (FLI) Vanderploeg Scholars program serves to provide first-generation college students at Michigan State University with access to opportunities to develop leadership skills and become innovators in their chosen field by providing access to support and funding through program staff and the university at large.

Vision: The FLI Vanderploeg scholars program aims to be a premier scholarship program at MSU for first-generation college students by creating opportunities for career and leadership development, opportunities for programmatic and individual innovation, and participation in high-impact practices while creating a community where first-generation scholars have a deep sense of belonging to the program and MSU.

To fulfill the mission and vision of the program, FLI students are required to fulfill the following requirements each year to receive funding and programmatic support services. Students’ activity will be reviewed each semester.

Program Criteria: The First-Gen Program is open to In State and Out of State students of all majors. To be eligible for the program, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Identify as a firstgeneration college student
  2. Agree to fully participate and engage in the program
  3. Be a domestic U.S. Student
  4. Submit completed program application

Program Benefits: Participation in the First-Gen Program affords students many benefits, including:

  1. Supportive community of professionals and peers
  2. Financial aid for high-impact learning practices and financial literacy assistance
  3. Leadership and professional development
  4. Scholarships each year of participation
  5. Peer mentoring
  6. Advising and coaching from professionals